How would your life be transformed if you mastered the creation of wealth and success in your life & business?

And how can Mind Money Miracles get you there?

Mind Money Miracles is an online training program that infuses Universal Laws + Mindset Conditioning to help you clear blocks & limiting beliefs, and reprogram your mind for wealth & success. Multiply your income, increase your confidence and have more freedom in your life and business!

Mind Money Miracles can 100% help you manifest more wealth and success in your life and business!


Chances are, you watched The Secret, fell in love with The Law of Attraction and jumped right into trying to manifest your dream life. But……

  • You just couldn’t seem to manifest your biggest desires
  • You feel stuck despite all the programs and techniques you tried
  • Feel frustrated at seeing others ‘attracting’ their goals almost seamlessly, and you’re not
  • You find yourself living pay check to paycheck, even though your income is rising
  • You can’t understand why some areas you’re able to manifest, whereas others nothing seems to happen
  • You wake up in panic over your financial burdens, and feeling even worse that you haven’t been able to get it all in order

You’re not alone. In fact, this is the result many people get upon embarking to manifest their goals, without truly understanding the process.

Here’s the thing, you can say all the affirmations you want and have the prettiest vision boards, but if your subconscious mind is out of alignment, then none of these techniques are gonna work!

I’ve been there. Countless times. Trying all kind of tools and tricks to manifest more wealth and success, only to be frustrated at the results and not understanding why after all my best efforts, no change was happening!

It was only until I was able to understand the process and the Laws governing the Universe, was I able to manifest incredible things in my life. And this is why I was so committed and passionate about creating Mind Money Miracles. A complete system that shows you the exact steps to manifest more joy, wealth, and success in your life and business.

In this comprehensive, fun and easy to follow program you’ll learn:

  • How the mind works and how to use it to manifest your goals
  • How to ‘work with’ your subconscious mind to reprogram negative patterns and beliefs that holds you back
  • How to be in alignment with your desires in order to effortlessly manifest them into your life
  • Overcome money blocks that sabotages your efforts and keeps you stuck
  • How to change your money program to manifest, attract and have more money

As a result you’ll…

  • Stop your endless worry about money
  • Manifest unexpected money and opportunities
  • Shatter your financial ceiling and make more money
  • Gain confidence in your ability to attract more wealth and success
  • No longer feel powerless when it comes to having money
  • Clear blocks and resistance in a fun, easy to understand process

This program has a focus on financial abundance, but it goes much deeper than that. These principals will help you in all areas of your life. 

I know you have a deep inner calling to make a contribution and create something powerful. To live abundantly, with meaning and purpose. Mind Money Miracles will help you shift your mindset, live your passion and enjoy prosperity in all areas of your life!

Your investment? Just $299 CAD!



The program consists of 5 powerful modules to take you from where you are, to where you want to be! 


MMM Module 1MODULE 1 – The Power of YOU 

  • Uncover the truth of who you really are, and the infinite power available to you to co-create your dream life
  • Understand why your past attempts at manifesting may have failed you, and how YOU hold the key to your success
  • Learn the steps to deliberately create the life and business you want
  • You’ll also be introduced to Universal Law Principals for successful living.


MMM Module 2MODULE 2 – The Power of the Mind

  • Learn how your mind works, and how to master it to get better and faster results
  • Understand why you keep struggling to get lasting change
  • Get simple, but powerful tools and techniques to program your mind for wealth and success
  • Know how to stop working so hard, and quickly get the change you want


Module 3

 MODULE 3 – Releasing Blocks & Resistance

  • Learn how to identify blocks, resistance and limiting beliefs that’s keeping you from having more wealth & success
  • Get powerful clearing techniques that will help you clear and breakthrough your blocks and limiting beliefs to make way for abundance with ease
  • Understand how to use resistance as a catalyst to keep going towards your dreams


Module 4

 MODULE 4 – The Truth about Money 

  • Discover your money story and understand the link that keeps you struggling with money
  • Learn what your financial set point is and how to push past it, and finally start earning the amount of money you wish to have
  • Understand how to create space for money in order to allow it to manifest into your life and business
  • Learn powerful tools and techniques including a guided visualization for financial abundance to re-program your mind to attract more wealth and success


MMM Module 5

 MODULE 5 – Living Everyday Miracles

  • Learn how to tap into the spiritual support that is available to everyone and how to align yourself to it
  • Uncover how your ‘ego’ keeps you separate from your dream life and how to push past the confines of your ego
  • Be guided to live a miraculous life, with more joy, passion and purpose




 You’ll get all 5 incredible bonus downloads absolutely FREE!


know you’ve taken many programs in the past, you’ve read the books and feel that you’ve tried just about everything. Some gave you results initially, only to bring you back to the starting line. You may be wondering if this program can really help, where countless others have not. I don’t blame you, because I too have also purchased many programs in the past.

I can tell you that the content in this program have led me to manifest such incredible things in my life. I’ve tested, researched and poured everything into this program in order to help you, finally have the change you want and deserve. I’ve been in your shoes, looking for answers, and I know this program holds the key to giving you the change you’re after.



Get started TODAY! 


What’s included in the program?



Is this program right for everyone?

Here’s the thing, I would love to have you join my program and experience what’s truly possible for you, but I can honestly tell you this program is NOT for everyone. This program is NOT for you if…..

  • You’re not ready invest the time needed to transform your life
  • You’re easily offended by the word God/Spirit/Universe (I use these words throughout the program so if you’re gonna be offended, please don’t sign-up!)
  • Changing your life is only an interesting prospect, but not something you’re committed to do
  • You’re UNteachable and stuck in your ways and not open to new ways to get unstuck and manifest more money and success in your life and business
  • You’re comfortable exactly where you’re at and not interested in increasing your confidence and achieving your goals

This program is for you, if ….

  • You’re a business owner, want to own a business or want to inject extra money into your life
  • You’re doing all the ‘right’ things, but not getting the results you want
  • You worry and struggle with not having enough money to sustain you
  • You want to live the freedom lifestyle, but just can’t seem to make it happen
  • You’ve different techniques to manifest more money and success, but nothing seems to work




Still on the fence? Got some questions you need answered first? No problem! I’ve compiled some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below, that may answer your burning questions regarding the program.

Check out some FAQs below, as you may also have the same questions about the program!


How is this program different?

This program takes my many years of research, training, trial and error and packed it into an easy to understand program that will teach you why you have the results you current have and how to manifest what you truly want!

You don’t just learn about the Law of Attraction, but also about mindset conditioning that will re-program your mind to get the results you consciously want. We all know that our subconscious mind controls 80-95% of our results. However, most times, the programs we have are not aligned to the results we truly want. This program will give you specific strategies to first overcome your blocks and resistance, and then reprogram your mind for wealth and success so you can achieve lasting results! It is a complete package to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

This program is also fully supported with coaching calls, plus private Facebook group where you’ll join other like-minded people learning the same principals and experiencing change.


Isn’t this just another LOA program?

The short answer; no! This program goes way beyond the Law of Attraction. You’ll understand how the mind works to give you the results you currently have. Yes, we will go through LOA principals and there is even a bonus lesson that comes free with purchase. But here’s the thing, LOA is one of the many universal principals at play, and understanding them will help add the missing pieces keeping you from getting results.


This all sounds great, but…. will this program really work me? 

Look, if you do the work and apply yourself, you will see results and it will work for you. So much so, that I am offering a 30-day money-back guarantee! BUT!!! You will need to show proof that you did the work and went through the exercises. I do this, to ensure that you committed and played full out. Before, you buy this program I want you to be ready!

Just because you want change and improvements, doesn’t mean you’re ready for it, and that’s okay. You will know in your heart if this program is right for you. If you’re not ready to do the work needed to transform your life financially and emotionally, then this program will not work for you. I know the great impact these principals and insights have made on my life and others. I can’t wait for you to experience them for yourself too!

This program will work, only if YOU put in the work. That’s the truth with everything in life.

So, if you’re ready to do the work, and experience massive change in your life! Then come on over and join the party!


I know I have money blocks and that’s why I don’t have the money to purchase this program!

What I’ll ask you is this. What’s it really costing you to remain stuck? I’ve spent double the amount this program costs on other programs that did not have as much content as Mind Money Miracle has. I’ve structured this program to help you get the change you want. The change I know is possible for you. The change I know you deserve.

Understand that the Universe is infinite and everything you desire is already here for you. You can easily double your investment, during your time in this program. But you have to commit to it, and take action in order for it to materialize.

I’ve also made available to you 2 payment options to allow for flexibility. You can pay in full, or in 2 monthly installments to help you get into the program and start experiencing change and manifesting more abundance and prosperity!

I also, have a 30-day money back guarantee, so after purchase AND doing the work and assignment, if you feel this program does not measure up, simply request a refund. Once you provide proof of work (I really want to make sure you did the work, because it is only through action that you get results), then I’ll happily refund you back your money. It’s really that simple.


I don’t know where I’ll find the time for this program with all that I have on the go. I’m just too busy!

I’ll tell you this; it’s never going to be a good time or right time to invest in your dreams and being the person you want to be. If you allow your success to be something that has to wait, there will always be something that you’re waiting for.  Do not allow your life to be ruled by lack of time or money. By doing this, you’re allowing your fears to lead your life.

You’ll know in your heart if this program is for you. You have to remember that when you recognize something that will give you the change you desire, your ego will rise and try to sabotage your efforts. It is then that you need to dig deep and remember WHY you want the change in the first place. How would your life be transformed if you understood and mastered how to create more wealth and success in your life?


Ok, so how does it all work? What’s the process?

Each week in the 6-week duration, you’ll get access to each module. One module will be released per week, so you’ll have a week to go through the lessons and do the exercises and worksheets. The 5 modules are in the following format:

  • Video
  • MP3
  • Lesson Slides
  • Module Exercises and worksheets
  • Guided Visualizations (for certain modules)
  • There will also be 3 scheduled Q/A calls where I’ll personally be available to answer all your questions and provide additional support. All calls will be recorded and made available to listen to.


What kind of results should I expect to see?

This really depends on your level of commitment and output. You will experience dramatic changes and find yourself manifesting so many things. However, if you have more blocks and limiting beliefs it will take you more time to break through them. But, not to worry. You have lifetime access to this program so you can continue to work though your blocks and apply the lessons to recondition your subconscious mind to buy into your new empowered beliefs.


How much time do I need to dedicate to this?

The lessons are less than an hour, and the exercises are done along with your regular everyday routine. There are some exercises that may take you an additional 20mins to complete, daily. These exercises are to help recondition your mind, so this minimal time will give you maximum results!


Get ready for massive transformation and manifest more wealth & success in your life and business!




Because I believe in my program 110%, I’m offering you a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If from the date of purchase, you feel this program does not meet your expectations, simply send in your action worksheets and you will get your money back. Yes, you need to send in proof that you actually took action, because I know this program will work, if you do the work. So, if you’re ready to commit to manifest more wealth and success in your life and business, then come on over and join today!

Invest in yourself, while helping others!

When you invest in transforming your life through Mind Money Miracles, you’ll also be investing in the lives of underserved entrepreneurs and children worldwide. 10% of sales from Mind Money Miracles will be donated to KIVA and Sick Kids Foundation.

 I love KIVA because their mission is to alleviate poverty by allowing people to lend money to low-income/underserved entrepreneurs and students in 86 countries.

 And as a mother of 2, Sick Kids Foundation is something I personally support! My kids are the most important people in my life, so it was important for me to support an organization that believes in improving the health and well being of children.

So, you’re not only empowering your life, but also helping the lives of other families and children worldwide. What a great feeling!

About the Founder 

Uchechi Ezurike-Bosse

Founder of Mind Money Miracles, My Empowered Living & Co-Founder of Elite Wellness Services Inc.
Uchechi Photo
Uchechi is a Business & Lifestyle Strategist helping passionate entrepreneurs (+ aspiring entrepreneurs) master their mindsets to increase their wealth, confidence, and sweet, sweet freedom! She’s been featured as a guest on Hay House Radio, a regular contributor to Huffington Post, Canadian Small Business Women and UK’s online Magazine Hat Tricks.
You can also catch her online at My Empowered Living TV where she shares tools and tips to empower and inspire you to create a life and business you love!

As with anything in life, to get the most success you need to take action! Manifesting your dream life  requires you to re-program your subconscious mind to be aligned with what you consciously want. You need to take action on what you will learn in this program for it to help you. You are fully responsible for your progress and results from your participation.The results experienced by each person may significantly vary. I also cannot guarantee your results, earnings, or future earnings as a result of this program. I offer no professional legal, medical, psychological or financial advice and your participation in this program will not treat, diagnose or cure any disease.